We are a volunteer organization comprised of dedicated men and women who live and/or work in Lumpkin County. With a strong focus on servant leadership, we strive to uphold the values of our community and to develop leaders of integrity and high moral character. 

Our goal is to make a positive impact in the Dahlonega-Lumpkin County area through:

The Gold Rush Days Festival is our only fundraising event of the year. We raise money to support our causes by selling vendor spaces, t-shirts, parade entries and direct donations. 100% of our profits are used to support the needs of Lumpkin County residents.

Gold Rush Days King and Queen

Every year, our group elects a King and Queen of Gold Rush Days. Kings and Queens are nominated by community members, friends and family. They must be over 60 years of age. To be a King or Queen of Gold Rush is a great honor. They are the pillars of the community. They are the folks to look up to. The men and women who give back to the community, the ones who support our town, the ones who set the example for others to follow.

To be a King and Queen of Gold Rush is to be a shining example of service to humanity.